Should I Replace All Windows at Once?

Like most home improvement projects, window replacement presents you with several options. Do you replace every window in your home? Do you replace a few windows? A single window? This all depends on the scope of your project and probably more importantly, your budget.

If you’re a new homebuyer, for instance, and the windows in the new home you’ve just bought are looking a little dingy and are letting in drafts at every point, you might consider replacing every window. Not only will this improve energy efficiency—saving you money in the long run—but it will also improve your home’s curb appeal. Improving curb appeal is also going to benefit you if you’re selling the home. Of course, in either case, how much you have to spend will influence your home improvement decisions

Some projects prove to be one-offs. Most of your windows are perfect, for example, except in the living room. You might want to open your living room up to more natural lighting, and installing a few picture windows will do the trick perfectly. No matter whether you have a small project in mind or need a whole-house window replacement in McKinney, TX, for expert services look to Nimbus Roofing, LLC. Find out how we can help with your next home improvement project by calling (214) 612-6696.

Is it worth it to replace windows?

Are your windows aging and looking worn? Are you constantly having to put weather stripping in here and there to stifle drafts? If so, window replacement might be your next step. Here are some things to consider when it comes to a whole-house window replacement:


  • Leads to greater energy efficiency, especially with double-pane windows.
  • Adds to curb appeal and home value. When selling your home, you’ll recoup about 75% of what you invested in the replacement.


  • Window replacement is costly. On average expect to spend at least $12,000 for a whole-house replacement.
  • Requires professional installation for best results.

Can I replace a window myself?

Some of the high cost of window replacement is a result of professional installation. Because of this, some people want to reduce the cost by replacing the windows themselves. This might be an affordable option if you are just replacing one or two windows. It’s probably not practical, however, for reasons of time and money to replace the window for your whole house.

Even if you plan to replace one or two windows, you still need to have the skills and tools to do so to ensure it’s done correctly. Poor installation can lead to problems ranging from drafts to structural damage, and will probably lead you to need a professional to correct the errors.

If you are going to replace your windows, consider just installing an insert rather than a full-frame window. Inserts are simpler to install because they are designed to be installed inside your current window frame and are installed from inside your home. Inserts are basically smaller frames with sashes, rather than a full window with frames and sills. An insert takes about three hours to install, while a full-frame takes about twice that.

Which home replacement window is best?

You have multiple options for window replacement. You can choose from vinyl or wood or aluminum, or even composites. What window is best for your home primarily depends not on the particular material used but on the quality of the construction. How well is the window put together and how efficient is it? You can discover this by looking at two labels, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label and the U factor rating label. The NFRC label shows you the window’s overall energy performance, whereas the U factor indicates how well it insulates, particularly the glass. A low U factor window is more energy efficient.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

Late spring or early summer is usually the best time for window replacement, especially if you’re replacing multiple windows. Replacing windows in warmer weather will prevent cold drafts inside your home. If it gets really hot while installing the windows at this time, you can close off the room where you’re putting the windows by shutting the door to confine the heat to that particular room.

Is window replacement messy?

Like other construction or home improvement work, replacing your windows will be messy. Dust is a particular concern and the workspace and the area around the workspace should be covered. The professionals at Nimbus Roofing, LLC always take care to clean up all debris and cover all materials in their workspaces. They are committed to keeping your property clean as they improve it.

What is the window replacement program?

Because window replacement is often costly but necessary, grant programs exist for homeowners and business owners to help pay for it. Several of these grants like the Weatherization Assistance Program are directed toward lower-income families to encourage energy savings in the home. That particular program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Can you claim window replacement on taxes?

Many incentives are available for window replacement including a tax credit. If you installed windows, doors, or skylights that qualify as energy-efficient between 2018 and 2020, you may get a tax credit of up to $500.


As with most homeowner’s insurance claims, the only time window replacement is covered is when the damage to the windows is caused by a covered peril such as hail, theft, fire, or similar even. A draft or damage from lack of maintenance will not be covered. Check with your insurer to see exactly what’s covered.

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