Roof Storm Damage Repair in McKinney, TX


Throughout the years, we have worked on a lot of roof storm damage repair projects. We have seen a lot of things. From roofs that caved in under the weight of pooling water to shingles blown off by strong gusts. But no matter what we have seen we have been able to fully restore the roofs of everyone who has called on us for help. We are Nimbus Roofing, LLC, a premier roofing contractor in McKinney, TX and there is no roof damage too severe for us to repair. No matter what type of repair challenges your project presents, we will overcome it. If you save our number in your phone right now, you will be prepared for the next time there is a major storm. You need the number of a good roofing contractor like us, especially in emergency situations. If your roof was installed 20 years ago or more, has been subject to leaks, the impact from debris or trees, or has not been properly maintained over the years, it may not survive the next major storm. Hailstones can make short work of exposed underlayment. Strong winds can rip up shingles that are old and curling. But when you have our number saved in your phone you will be prepared for anything. Call us at (214) 612-6696 today!

See How We Can Help

  • Wind Damage – Shingles are the most susceptible to the wind because if they are not properly installed and maintained, they can easily catch the wind. We can actually come out to your home and inspect your shingles to make sure they are as flush and safe as possible. Of course, if the damage has already been done, you can call us to replace or repair your shingles.
  • Water Damage – Water can have devastating effects on your roof and your home. Heavy rains can punch leaks in the weak spots of your roof and even overflow your gutter system. Collapsing gutters almost always damage shingles, soffits, and fascia. We can fix all of this for you as part of our roof storm damage repair service.
  • Felled Trees – Have tree limbs fallen on your roof and ripped up your shingles? Has an entire tree come crashing through your roof? That is not a problem for us. Our complete roof storm damage repair service can address any damage caused by felled tree limbs or trees.
  • Hail Damage – Hail can damage your roof in a number of ways. The most obvious of course is the impact damage it can cause. Large, high-velocity hailstones can split and crack shingles and puncture the decking. Hail can also damage your roof by coming to rest on it. When there are spots on your roof where hailstones are allowed to gather, water damage can occur. These stones will ultimately melt and if they were allowed to rest in the first place, the water will more than likely pool and settle.


Need to know how much your cost?


Any of these types of damage can be distressing but when you have our number saved, you have professional allies. Give us a call at (214) 612-6696 for roof storm damage repair in McKinney, TX! When your roof has sustained storm damage, the last thing you need is an unreliable roofer. Unreliable roofers are roofers that show up late to the job site, waste time on the project and use materials inefficiently. They can waste a lot of time and money. But we have the most reliable roofers on our team. We are very proud of our workforce because it perfectly reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our roofers are hard-working, experienced and committed to quality. That is why we are the most reliable roofing company in the area and the best choice for roof storm damage repair in McKinney, TX. We want to help you if your roof has been damaged in a storm so give us a call at (214) 612-6696.