Soffit & Fascia Repair in Mckinney, TX

Fascia repair


Soffit and fascia usually don’t get enough attention. Most people have them repaired when they start to get old and ugly. But by this time, you may already be dealing with damage that could compromise the entire roof. Soffits protect the underside or eaves of the roofline that extends over the structure. When this underside is exposed to moisture and insects, the entire eave could become structurally unsound. Your fascia doesn’t just make your house look pretty. It helps support the shingles of your roof and prevent leaks. Take some time to give your soffit and fascia a good look. If you suspect that they may be damaged in any way, give us a call at(214) 612-6696. We are roof experts so you can bet that we know all there is to know about soffits and fascia repair. That is why we are the smart choice when it comes to soffit and fascia repair in McKinney, TX.

Soffit And Fascia Are Integral Systems

We don’t just repair soffit and fascia so your home will look pretty again. While we do focus on aesthetic appeal with our repairs, it comes secondary to safe and solid repair. We want to make sure that your soffit and fascia are contributing to the proper function of your roof first and foremost. With our help, you can restore the good looks of your property while ensuring that the roofing system is safe and sound. Give us a call at (214) 612-6696 for soffit and fascia repair in McKinney, TX.

Soffit and fascia damage can be detected fairly easily. But if you are unsure at any time, it is better to be safe than sorry and call a roofing professional for an inspection. Here are some tips for spotting soffit and fascia damage yourself:

  • Gutter Leaks – You may think that gutter leaks are strictly a gutter problem but these kinds of leaks could expose your soffit and fascia to water.
  • Ventilation – Some soffit actually ventilates your attic by letting air flow through them. If the air in your attic feels stale or stuffy, your soffit may be clogged with debris or otherwise damaged.
  • Cracks and Chips – While not all cracks and chips are cause for alarm, if left unchecked for too long, they can cause leak points in your soffit and fascia.

Be sure to keep a close eye for these signs that your soffit and fascia may be damaged. Again, if you are ever in doubt, call us out. Dial (214) 612-6696 for a thorough roof inspection.

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If you are building a new house, installing a new roof, or just want to make an aesthetic change, you can count on us for fast and professional soffit and fascia installation of soffit and fascia replacement. No matter what kind of material you want for your home we will be able to install it so that it looks great and keeps your roof and home safe. Our installation process is meticulous. We make sure that your soffit and fascia are watertight, that the fascia boards are sturdy and that the upper levels of your home are getting proper ventilation. We make sure of all this and more before we consider the job done. Give us a call at (214) 612-6696 for installation and soffit and fascia repair in McKinney, TX!