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Pergola Building Work in McKinney


Here at Nimbus Roofing, LLC, we believe in achievingthe perfect lookfor our customers. We know that every homeowner is different, They have varying tastes and needs. We do our best to get to know our customers and understand the visions they have for their homes. This is especially true of our pergola construction service. We know that people want or need pergolas for different reasons and we are out to build the perfect pergola for all of our customers. Pergolas are a great addition to most homes because they are affordable to build, can be made of a variety of materials and add timeless beauty to the properties they adorn. If you are looking for high quality pergola builders in McKinney, TX your search is over. Give us a call at(214) 612-6696today!

We Have Years Of Experience

We have been building magnificent pergolas in McKinney, TX and the surrounding areas for many years. In fact, you can probably see our handiwork just by driving down your street! Pergolas are a great addition for many homes because they:

  • Add Usable Space – Pergolas can be outfitted to be versatile garden structures. Latticework can be added to them for creeping vines and hanging plants. They add usable space to do whatever you want with.
  • Keep your Home Private – Again, with the help of lattice additions, pergolas allow for added privacy in your outdoor areas.
  • Add Definition – Pergolas are a great way to designate certain areas of your outdoor space. You can use them to define an outdoor garden or dining area or simply to usher guests to walkways, patios, and decks.
  • Sun Protection – Modern pergolas can be outfitted with additional shades to protect you, your belongings and your outdoor structures from harmful UV rays. They can make hot areas of your yard cooler and more liveable.

And of course, pergolas just look beautiful. We are the pergola builders in McKinney, TX who can construct a unique, attractive, long-lasting and functional pergola for you. Get in touch with us by calling (214) 612-6696 when you want an elegant pergola you can be proud of!