McKinney Fence Staining

Freshly stained fence


The right fence stain can work wonders even on decades-old fences. Chances are you invested a lot of money into the construction of your fence so why let that money go to waste? Our fence stain service in McKinney, TX is ideal for fences that have just been built but it can also be a great benefit for fences that are up there in years. We are Nimbus Roofing, LLC and we are proud to offer our fence staining service to the people in and around McKinney because it is an extremely practical and affordable home improvement project. If you’re interested in our fence stain services, give us a call at (214) 612-6696 to learn more or get started on your project today.

Learn About The Benefits That A Professional Fence Staining Can Offer You

So what are the benefits of staining a fence? Here are just a few:

  • Prevents Premature Fading – UV rays are the enemy of wooden fences and paints. They can strip the color away in just a few short years. The changes may be subtle at first but make no mistake about it, the color is being sapped away. A quality stain like the ones we use here at Nimbus Roofing, LLC will protect your fence from UV rays and premature color fading.
  • Water Protection  Water can be dangerous for your wooden fence. It can get into cracks and fissures in the wood, freeze and then split your planks. Staining will help protect the wood from water penetration altogether.
  • Better Lifespan – Both of the aforementioned benefits of fence staining will contribute to a longer lifespan for your fence.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Fence staining looks great when it is done right. We give you plenty of options when it comes to fence stains so you can choose the color you want or just let the natural beauty of the wood shine through.

We could go on and on about fence staining, but you get the idea: with fence staining, you get better durability and enhanced beauty. If you are in need of a good fence stain in McKinney, TX we are the roofing company to call. We can help you evoke the look you want for your property and fortify your fence at the same time. Give us a call at (214) 612-6696 for an amazing fence stain!