What Type of House Siding is the Best?

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What Type of House Siding is the Best?



The exterior siding of your house plays a dual role. Firstly, it protects your home from debris and the elements. Secondly, it adds an aesthetic flair to your home. The siding of your house can say a lot about you as the owner. It can make or break your property’s curb appeal. It even has an impact on the home’s value. Whether you are buying a new home, preparing to sell your home or need to make some improvements, you may be wondering what kind of exterior siding is the best.

To help you answer this question, we have composed this post that will answer some of the most common questions when it comes to exterior siding. Luckily we have a lot of experience in this department here at Nimbus Roofing, LLC because we install exterior siding in McKinney, TX almost every day. In fact, you can call us at any time for exterior siding services. Our number is (214) 612-6696 so call us if you have any questions!


There Are Many Factors When Deciding On Siding

Before we get into the details of exterior siding, the answer to the question “what type of siding is the best” will be a subjective one. It will depend on the style of property and your personal preferences. With that caveat out of the way, let’s begin with the most basic question.

What is Exterior Siding

As stated earlier, siding has two important functions: to protect the structure and evoke a certain style. Siding is installed on the exterior of a structure in a variety of ways depending on the materials used. You can also install exterior siding with insulation to help prevent heat from escaping your home so it stays warm in the winter. Now let’s get into some specifics.

What Materials are Best Used for Exterior Siding?

The answer to this question will depend on what you value most. For instance, if you want a siding that will last a really long time, brick siding would be a good option. If termites are a concern for you, fiber cement siding may be the best choice. However, the most popular types of siding these days are stucco, vinyl, and metal. Stucco is affordable and allows for the absorption and transfer of heat. Vinyl is easy to install and is easy to clean. Metal offers great protection and is fireproof.

Still, there are many more options when it comes to exterior siding materials such as:

  • Stone Veneer
  • Aluminum
  • Stone
  • Engineered Wood
  • Wood
  • Glass

What is the Cheapest Siding for a House?

You have to consider both materials and installation costs. While vinyl is typically the cheapest material you can find, metal roofing is often the cheapest to install. Overall, metal siding may be the cheapest since the materials themselves tend to be very affordable as well. Just not quite as affordable as vinyl.

What is the Best Low Maintenance Siding?

In our experience, steel siding requires the least amount of maintenance. Other types of siding like wood and vinyl are prone to chipping and warping. Steel is not. In fact, many people install steel siding specifically because they don’t want to have to deal with siding maintenance and repairs.

What is the Most Durable Siding?

Fiber cement, brick, and steel siding tend to be the most durable. Brick can last for centuries if it is undisturbed. But masonry can crack in an earthquake or under other extreme circumstances. Fiber cement can also last for a very long time but it is very heavy and expensive to install. Steel is also very durable and doesn’t crack. It is also light enough so that installation prices don’t skyrocket. We would have to give steel the upper hand in this department.

Other Considerations

There are other important things to think about when weighing your exterior house siding options. For instance, exterior siding and trim should be considered at the same time. For aesthetic sake, you should choose a siding that will complement our exterior trim. You should also consider your gutters. Gutters and drainage can interfere with siding installation and they may also clash with the style of the material you choose. Then, of course, there is the little matter of your budget Siding installation projects can blow up very quickly if you choose the wrong material. Durable and long-lasting materials like brick and fiber cement are very expensive to install upfront but they are a sound investment in the long-run. Vinyl is cheap to buy and install but it can chip, it shows seams and is prone to warping. in our opinion, steel is a happy medium when comparing price and longevity. Again, if you have any questions about siding or want to talk to someone about your project, we would be more than happy to help. We know a lot about exterior siding in McKinney, TX so call us at (214) 612-6696 today!

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